Saturday, November 14, 2009

Project Pink

Good people do good things, and I have good friends. My friend Darryl, in conversations with others on Twitter, have decided on a challenge to support breast cancer. I know we all love breasts so lets get out and support this very important cause. If we collectively buy 1500 sandwiches in the next month Darryl will dye his hair pink. Not only that, but they are donating $0.50 of each sandwich sold, but there are more details so click here.

You can read my thoughts on Buster Rhinos here. If you know me, or follow me on twitter you know my feelings about this place. It is well worth the 40 minute drive from my place, at any given moment, to be able to have real southern BBQ here in Ontario. They also sell their product to take home, which is nice when you have a craving and cant make the 2 hour round trip.

I want to thank twitter for the good friends I have found, and relationships that mean so much to me. You all know who you are.

Peace, Love, and Ice Cream.

1 comment:

  1. That is very sweet of you to be spreading the word about this cause! Kudis ti you and Darryl - I may go and donate the cost of a sandwich (or pay for your next one in advance) to support the dealie!!

    WAY agree with the thanksbe to Twitter for finding new friends too - glad to have met you at the very least!