Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buster Rhinos BBQ - A pilgrimage and odyssey

So, you like BBQ? Well, you could hear the moans of pleasure all the way back in the Annex on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, when a plan was realized to visit the #BBQ heaven that is Darryl's little hole in an industrial complex way out in Whitby.

"Are we there yet?" I mentioned a few times as P2.0 (Cousin Paul) and I made the trip. "We didn't miss it did we?" I also exclaimed, forgetting that Whitby was far. "Checking the GPS" chimed P2.0 in reply. "Nope, keep going, almost there". Phew!

100% is this worth the schlep, all 120KM's (round trip). I will say, before I get into the guts of this post, that I am already planning on going back to try the ribs (Thurs and Fri only), and was upset when I finally had to wash the glorious smell of smoked wood off my hands. Sadly, my clothes didnt absorb the lovely smell, and next time ill bring a rag to keep by the smoker and put it in a ziploc for sniffing purposes between visits (yes, im just that crazy for BBQ).

What a great spot, and a super guy. We ate, we talked, and we ate and talked some more. Who knew entertainment came free with your meal at Buster Rhinos? I would be remiss without sending thanks to my girl @karmacakedotCA who raved about her visit there. Trusting one of my new foodie friends, I was, as I have said, not disappointed.

We ask our host what we should get, and he suggests splitting a brisket and pork sammie and some sides, we concur. Sides included heavenly golden yukon fries, slaw, and beans, to which he insists on adding FOC some of his favourite potato salad. How does it look, yummy, right?

The sauces on offer are a mild, hot and habanero, all of which complemented the food well. My choice was the hot while P2.0 swears by the habanero which was also excellent.

I will talk about the meat in a moment, but to elaborate on the sides, as mentioned the fries were stellar, and as with most of the guests, forced them down until they were gone. Beans were lovely and are vegetarian (much to my, and the hosts disappointment, but you have to think of our veggie friends, even at a BBQ joint), and the coleslaw was nice but not my style as I don't usually love creamy versions. The potato salad was nice too, and the left overs even better once my palate was clean, with yukons, sweet potato, some onion, egg, and other ingredients that slip my mind.

So, on to what we have been waiting for - the star of the show - smokey, succulent, juicy, flavourful, MEAT! I had a better shot but my blackberry and I are having a fight so this will have to suffice, and next time ill bring a proper camera.

I spent a lot of summers in North Carolina eating their world famous pulled pork, and it has been a long time since I have been. The whole time I have been searching for something worthy of the title "real Carolina BBQ", and now
can safely crown Buster Rhinos with the title of "Most Authentic Carolina BBQ north of the 49th". Seriously. Not pulled fine and stringy over-sauced meat that we are used to in this city, this is PROPER. Peppery, smokey, meaty taste, just heaven for this BBQ nut.

The brisket was great as well, we don't want it to feel like the forgotten middle child. Tender, with a hint of nice spices, perfectly cooked firm yet moist. But did I mention the smoked chicken wings? I did not, my mistake! Darryl came out with, fresh from the smoker, wings. As my niece would say - "O. M. G!" "Smell them, they smell like wood, but it a good way" I exclaim. I cannot explain to you how good they were other than to say I will never be able to enjoy pub wings again, thanks Darryl. FYI, in case I was not explicit enough you must try these wings when you go, to die for.

If anyone wants a partner for a sampling of this fine fare, do not hesitate to let me know, ill be your wing man! Mmm wings...

Peace love, and ice cream.


  1. Holy Hell! I'm in Oshawa, how the heck did I not know this place was only in Whitby? Here I am thinking you're out in TO somewhere raving about this place! Do they have anything veggie friendly there? You, Karma and I could meet up ;-).

  2. We have a couple things that are veggie friendly but it really is a carnivores dream. Baked Beans are meat free, salad is meat free, coleslaw is. Fries, Hush Puppies. So yes we could do something veggie for you.

    Thanks for the great Review too Foodie411, it was a nice surprise.

  3. What a great story. I have known Darryl for quite some time and very proud of him and how good the food he makes is.

    Tell your friends, tell your these days of corporate crap food, it's nice to see a little guy working hard and serving great food.

  4. O. M. G. is right. I love barbeque, I LOVE it. There is a chance I may be renting a car this weekend to make the journey to Whitby just for this.

  5. Check out our website ( before you head all this way and find out we are not open on the weekends (sorry).

  6. I LOVE your blog babe, keep up the great work!!!