Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do you dig the Schnitz?

So, for as long as I can remember my family and I have been eating Hungarian food, be it from Rhapsody, Paprika, or the ultimate toronto Hungarian eatery, Country Style! People often wonder why I am going to a donut shop for dinner, and aren't surprised as I do like donuts, but why am I eating them for dinner? Well, if you are out of the loop this is the spot to be at. The last man standing of the multiple Hungarian eateries that used to exist in the Annex, and in business for 47 years. Must be good right? Wrong, it is better than that. The same tried and true formula of no frills good stick-to-your-bones eastern European food, friendly service, good value, and a decor unchanged in, well, ever. Oh, and don't forget to bring cash as they wont take credit and don't even know what debit is!

A great and classic menu, with all of the favourites - every kind of schnitzel, goulash, paprikash, cabbage rolls, soup with liver dumplings, perogies, and so on. My favourite is, by far, the Weiner Schnitzel dinner, and I rarely stray from this choice as it is just so damn good that I crave it on the reg. Scnitz, dumplings, gravy, and a side of pickled beats or pickled cucumbers. Sounds good, right? They also do sides such as roasted potatoes, rice, etc., but I stick with the dumplings, they are the best IMO.

Don't you just love the table cloth? As I said, nothing has changed since I first started eating here as a kid with the family. This is my BF, who sadly had never been (should I blame myself for that?) and this time I was quick to get a shot before she hoovered it all up! Thin, breaded, and fried a golden brown, just wonderful. Wait, hold on a second, my chest hurts, need a break.

Okay, i'm back, clearly my heart was having flashbacks.

On this past visit I also got an order of the perogies with debrezner sausage and fried onions, a good add when you are super hungry.

On a sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy day you will find the staff of Country Style waiting for you outside smoking when the place is empty, but its rarely empty. Being good old fashioned home cooking at a great price and, located in the Annex this is a hot spot of activity. You have a great crowd of ex-pats, students, and families, and once in a while you see The Wooden Plate come out and hear gasps and whispers all around you. This is (if memory serves) 4 kinds of schnitzel, a cabbage roll, a sausage and I cant remember what else. Overall if you have not been you must go, and as always if you need a partner thats what your old friend foodie411 is here for.

Viszontlátásra (ciao)
Peace love, and ice cream.

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  1. Naomi Berkel A.K.A BFJuly 14, 2009 at 6:14 p.m.

    I, being the BF, agree completely. Thanks jay as always you know your food, their schnitzel is almost as good as mine. For someone who has been to Hungary, more than a few times this is the best and most authentic Hungarian food we will find North of the Danube.