Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Stockyards - not just for cattle any longer.

So, you wont find any actual livestock (or trains for that matter) at The Stockyards, but you will find a lot of meat on this new take-out shops menu. Located in the St Clair and Christie neighbourhood this mecca of meat is all the rage, and you can hear the buzz on the street. Shhh, do you hear it? I heard it all the way from my cozy condo in the Annex, and made my way over on a sunny day when a craving for croissant brought me to Pain Perdu.

Sadly, Pain Perdu disappointed as they had run out of almond but I did get a chocolate that my niece enjoyed with me later in the day. This solidified my decision to go and check out the newest entry into the BBQ sammie market in the city.

With seating inside for about 8, and two out front, it is a small place and not a for sit down dinner, which is why I had not been before and I saved it for a lunch. Well worth the wait.

Upon entering The Stockyards you get it immediately, a vibe that here within lies some decent grub. Wood paneling on the walls, a great open kitchen with the most wonderful smells wafting around, lunchers gorging on meat sammies of all kinds, and drinking a tall cup of either the homemade iced tea, or the limeaide with a sprig of mint. I had the latter and it was really refreshing, if not a tad sweet.

Having been to Buster Rhinos just the day before, and not wanting to compare these sammies with the masters, I opted for the Porchetta traditional style with arugula. I will have to go back
and amend this review once I have tried some other options on the menu, but I couldn't wait to share it with you all. It was really a nice meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice flavour on the meat, crispy on the outside, soft nice bread, and a little too much mayo but not over powering, and as I mentioned the arugula. The meal in total was $15, a bit over my usual lunch budget but it was good and I would go again. Shame that they needed to charge me for a few pieces of arugula, but I digress. Go, treat yourself, it isn't really a lot of money. Friendly staff also.

Peace, love, and ice cream.

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