Monday, July 6, 2009

Coldstone Creamery comes to Canada

Last time I was at Coldstones Creamery would have been my last trip to LA in 2006, far too long to go without the wonderfully creamy tasty concoctions of this Synagogue (or Church) of the Frozen Cream. I remember, fondly, my visit to Coldstone across from the Beverly centre, next to Baja Fresh (oh Baja, how I miss thee). It was like a homecoming of sorts, a pilgrimage, and a satisfying one at that. It is one of my fondest memories of that trip to the land of angels.

For years friends and I have lamented the distance between the Tdot and the closest location (in Michigan at the time, and later Buffalo) and debated making the drive. Yes, drive hours and hours to get ice cream, we are just that crazy, or not, as it never happened. We even played around with the idea of bringing the franchise to Canada, but being big talkers nothing ever happened.

Well thank you, to the once again Canadian fast food giant, Tim Hortons! They have struck a reciprocal deal which has seen the opening across the GTA of 6 locations, and will also see Timmys in the states to house Coldstones locations. This is a great deal for Timmys, as anyone who can tell you who have been to the US locations that they are virtual ghost towns. Or so my friend who frequents the Michigan location on frequent business trips attests to "They place is dead all the time, and they dont understand that in Canada there is nearly a line 24-7. This should help drag people away from the pretty awful Dunkin Donuts"

So again, thank you Mr Horton.

On finding out that one of the locations was a mere 15 minute walk from my condo, I was partially excited but partially concerned. That is way to convenient. Oh, and the other problem? They are open 24 hours a day!! Oy! Not good.

So we come to the question that is on everyones mind - Is it as good as I remember? Usually things in distant memory disappoint, but this was only 3 years ago.

I will say this, it was definitely good, but could have been better. It really didnt have the same feel as a Coldstones, being inside a coffee shop. One issue was the mixing, that was lack luster and required far more elbow grease than the employees seemed willing to put forth, and the fact that there was no singing. No singing?! You know this is Coldstones, right ladies? Shame.

Will I go back? Of course, and I hope it will improve with time. Next time will be sure to ensure that the mixing is up to par and even try to get a little tune as my concoction is being prepared.

Here are the pics:

Apple Pie a la Coldstone - french vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, graham crackers, apple pie filling, caramel.

Cheesecake Fantasy - cheesecake ice cream, graham crackers, strawberries, blueberries.

There was also a Birthday Cake Remix - cake batter ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie, and fudge. Sadly I didnt get a picture as my BFF inhaled it before I could snap a shot and POOF, it was gone.

The Apple Pie was definitely the better of the three, but in the future I think I am better off with my own creation. Nice flavour but not mixed well enough (as mentioned above) and the ice cream wasnt soft enough (likely due to the lack of working everything through). The cheesecake was ok, but the frozen fruit had a watery taste to it that spoiled the texture balance and temperature, and it could have used a bit more graham and a thorough mixing.

I will go back very soon, and I am thinking - cake batter, butterfinger, and sprinkes. What do you think? What would you choose?

Peace, love, and yes ICE CREAM!


  1. your BFF could not contain herself, I apologize for the inhalement, as my brain was in overload. Alas you have nailed it, The singing WAS deeply missed as I, like you enjoy the entire "show" of Coldstone...and yes WE will go back, and if no singing is offered I will clear my throat for you anyday
    BTW great blog...

  2. Wow!! I don't know if I was the first to read this, but what a heck of a way to start! Now all you have to do is make you own ice cream @ home, right?? Or come on over here after I get my maker and you can take home all the evidence.

    I heard rumour there was a CS/TH opening in Pickering too, so may have to check that one out (with Andrew to tag along and taste test!).

  3. Marble Slab opened up in my last two years of uni. I used to go there with friends for a fun, if a bit expensive treat. Ice cream never particularly wowed me, but it was all about the novelty.

    The pics of the your Coldstone ice cream, that's a whole different story. I'm dying to try the apple pie and berry cheesecake. Now I must hunt for the closest Coldstone to my apartment...

    And congrats on the blog! I'm glad you finally started one! Can't wait to see what you'll share next! =)

  4. We were there agin last night, but I didnt have any, however the feedback was that there seemed to be more effort with this particular crew (mind you there were requests for thorough mixing in advance). Still upset that last time my order was taken and the girl disappeared and was seen in the back on the phone. She returned minutes later "oh, did someone else take care of your order?" REALLY?! Forgot to mention that in the review.