Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Adventure in Blogging

So, I have decided that after a long inner battle with myself, and mostly through the encouragement (read - pestering) of friends and family, to give in and start my own blog. Things that will appear here will be thoughts, comments, and observations on food (made myself, or eaten elsewhere), interesting products, and perhaps shopping adventures at markets, grocery stores, or places with cool gadgets. I am not planning on limiting my scope here, other than the fact that the majority of the posts will revolve around food in some way.

Did I mention that I like to eat? No, I really enjoy food, honest. I like it all, from junk to haute cuisine, I just dig on grub! I also really like exclamation points!!

Special mention to my foodie friends on Twitter, you guys make me want to write in more depth about my food experiences, and to share with the whole interwebz. Thank you for the inspiration!

Peace, love, and ice cream.
foodie411, aka Joel.

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