Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There is a new sheriff in town - Sam James

So, a quick post on my visit to @297harbord aka Sam James Coffee Bar. Walked down there on Sunday afternoon with a friend to sample the latest in coffee. The thing that drew me in and lit a fire under me (yes its kind of a pun) to go so quickly was the siphon coffee. For those who dont know click the link, it is alike a bong for coffee, way cool. An interesting use of applied science in the coffee making process that draws out subtle flavours from the bean. As Sam puts it, "in flavour it lands somewhere between coffee and tea".

The basic frontage leads you into a small, no frills space on Harbord between Manning and Clinton. No real ambiance to speak of but they just opened so who knows where they will go with their relatively blank palate. A few snack offerings, and coffee, basic and to the point. Sam and co. are great, and we enjoyed our visit. Sam took us through the process so we knew what was going on. He was also attentive to notice we finished our coffees and did bring up a couple of glasses of water without us asking. Nice touch.
Here is Sam hand grinding the Ethiopian beans
(cant remember the name, should have made a note)
He even went through the 4 growing regions, now I know.
The Siphon is on the right, you can see the coffee
being drawn down through the filter
which happens once the heat source is removed
The results, a smooth and modestly rich cup of coffee - siphon for 2 is $9.00

The place was absolutely packed, being the grand opening weekend. I wish them luck, they have a great spot and Sam is a great guy with a good product.

Peace, Love and, Ice Cream

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